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2010 September | Girls with Guns

Strip Search

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Thursday Sep 30, 2010

Kristy Ann wants you to say hello to her little friend! This blonde girl with guns has one of the coolest handguns you’re ever going to see! Do you recognize it? First one to put the answer in the comments wins! Oh, and if the pistol doesn’t make you piss your pants, how about the latex suit she’s wearing? And of course you have your customary black high heels and leather gloves. It all just screams BADASS doesn’t it?!

blonde girl with guns

hot girl with guns

The cool shades add a touch of mystery to girls with guns, which is why we love to see Kristy Ann in her awesome red sunglasses next to her shotgun. If you want to see more pictures of Kristy Ann and the rest of our girls with guns you can check out ActionGirls!

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Full Moon

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Wednesday Sep 29, 2010

If you like retro girls with guns, you’re going to love Mosh from ActionGirls! Watch this beautiful babe strip down to just her black knee-high boots and her shotgun! Ooops wait a minute, I forgot her black leather gloves to match her boots! Nothing like a naked girl lying down with her firearms on a rooftop on a warm September evening! Both of the images of this babe below are high definition pictures so zoom in on them and enjoy! If you want the whole gallery you’ll have to check out ActionGirls for the rest!

girl lying down with gun

mosh with her pistol

Since I know a girl with a shotgun just isn’t enough anymore, we had Mosh strike a slightly more revealing pose with her revolver! This girl looks like a babe straight out of Dick Tracy! I don’t think the bad guys are coming from the sky, but she’s got it covered just in case!

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Seeing Red

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Tuesday Sep 28, 2010

To assemble yourself an extremely hot blonde girl with guns, you will need the following materials:

  1. A hot babe! In this case, we’ve got Megan from ActionGirls! If at all possible, try to get your girl to come with awesome tattoos like hers!
  2. A sexy red bra, preferably far too small for the girl’s huge boobs (see below)!
  3. Hot red high heel boots, matching red leather gloves, and a cute red hat!
  4. A fully loaded ammo belt for when things get messy!
  5. And of course, an automatic machine gun, because girls with guns are just plain hot!

megan girls with guns actiongirls

If you have a different recipe for a cutie with cannon, put it in a comment! There’s more than one way to make a tasty bodyguard!

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New Weaponry

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Monday Sep 27, 2010

Feast your eyes on America’s new weapon! Ready for a little desert warfare?! Sarah is all set up with her guns, in this case it looks like maybe a Savage rifle and a Glock handgun! I guess it go too hot for all her cammo! She’ll get a good tan standing naked in the sun like that. Check back later for an update on that situation!

naked sniper girls with guns actiongirls

sarah with her guns

You don’t get all these awesome girls with guns without a price! We have to pay our respects to Scotty J, the ActionGirls creator. Visit his website if you’re into this kind of stuff already! And press Ctrl + D to bookmark this site so you can find more girls and guns in the future!

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Prey or Predator?

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Sunday Sep 26, 2010

Lee is the hot babe Alien VS Predator was lacking! You’ve seen her with her flamethrower in action in one of our previous posts, but you haven’t seen her with any futuristic guns yet! ActionGirls is mixing it up and impressing us again with this futuristic gallery! Lee is about to bust a cap in any Alien she sees! You may have noticed the vacuum hoses powering this prototype laser gun. While we aren’t quite sure how those are working, we also don’t give a shit, because this hottie can power her laser guns with whatever the hell she damn well pleases! Enough talking, it’s time to see this bad girl in action!

future girl with guns

girl with laser gun

girl with ray gun

We’re curious to know if you prefer more girls with modern guns or futuristic scenes such as these, so leave us a comment and let us know!

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