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Climactic Eruption | Girls with Guns

Climactic Eruption

Posted by Rambo on Friday Sep 24, 2010 Under Girls with Guns

Her name is Lee, and she’s one of our girls with guns! She’s naked, rain is pouring down, and she’s holding a flamethrower! ActionGirls has done it again! The HD porn speaks for itself though! I literally had to downsize the second picture because it was too big to upload through WordPress and I’m too lazy to go through the FTP. If you guys want more girls with machine guns, flamethrowers, swords, motorcycles, pistols, and turrets, then you better give me some love in the comments. Oh, and press Ctrl + D to bookmark Girls with Guns so you never lose track of your priorities.

girl with huge gun

lee flamethrower actiongirls gun

lee actiongirls flamethrower

lee with her flamethrower gun

Climactic eruption?! Feel me dog?! Girls don’t get hotter than this. If you want to be able to keep seeing awesome shit like this we need to help Scotty J get the word out about ActionGirls! He works hard on his site and needs traffic to keep funding going for great high definition porn pictures of girls with guns, so go visit his site by clicking one of the images above!

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