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Jungle Fever | Girls with Guns

Jungle Fever

Posted by Rambo on Friday Sep 24, 2010 Under Girls with Guns

Wondering what a half-naked, insanely hot, female version of Rambo would look like?! Excellent, because here she is straight out of the bush! Get a good look, but don’t let her catch you or they’ll be hell to pay! The ammo belt is sexy, but I think a bow and arrow might have been a slightly better fit for this hottie! One more awesome example of how right the world is when you have girls with guns!

peaches actiongirls no guns

girl with submachine gun

Remember, ammo aint cheap! We need to make sure these girls have plenty of guns and firepower! Give ActionGirls some love so they can keep the high definition pictures comin!

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  1. Busty Bandit | Girls with Guns Says:

    [...] Peaches from Actiongirls is back with her Hello Kitty bandanna and a Hello Kitty necklace! Oh, and she has guns of course! I’m sure you guys remember how hot Peaches looked in our Jungle Fever post when she was only wearing an ammo belt! This is one of the few babes badass enough to handle a submachine gun! So bow down you gun fetish freaks and show her some respect! [...]

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