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2010 September | Girls with Guns - Part 2

Ink and Iron Sights

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Saturday Sep 25, 2010

I figured you guys were craving some more busty blond girls with guns! Meet Bridget. If you couldn’t tell by her sexy tattoos or the G3 automatic rifle she’s holding, this girl isn’t messing around! There’s no scope on this babe’s gun. She’s an expert with the iron sight! Better bring your A game and a machine gun of your own if you want to stand a chance!

bridget girl with machine gun actiongirls

bridget girl with guns actiongirls

I think I’d upgrade her rifle’s magazine capacity if it were me, but maybe this babe’s got good enough aim she doesn’t need the extra ammo! If you want to see more you can click one of the images above!

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Carmen Sandiego

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Saturday Sep 25, 2010

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego!? She’s right here, she’s sexy, and she’s got her guns! She’s dual wielding two pistols and when they run out of ammo she’ll switch over to her badass rifle! Oh, and did I mention she’s driving a sick sports car so she can speed away for a clean get-away?!

Ok, this isn’t really Carmen Sandiego, it’s actually one of the ActionGirls babes! Her name really is Carmen though! If you want to see more of her hot pics you can click any of the images below which will take you to her gallery page. Alright soldier, enough yappin, go get your load off!

carmen girl with 2 guns actiongirls

carmen girls with guns actiongirl pistol

carmen girls wtih guns actiongirl

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Jungle Fever

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Friday Sep 24, 2010

Wondering what a half-naked, insanely hot, female version of Rambo would look like?! Excellent, because here she is straight out of the bush! Get a good look, but don’t let her catch you or they’ll be hell to pay! The ammo belt is sexy, but I think a bow and arrow might have been a slightly better fit for this hottie! One more awesome example of how right the world is when you have girls with guns!

peaches actiongirls no guns

girl with submachine gun

Remember, ammo aint cheap! We need to make sure these girls have plenty of guns and firepower! Give ActionGirls some love so they can keep the high definition pictures comin!

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Climactic Eruption

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Friday Sep 24, 2010

Her name is Lee, and she’s one of our girls with guns! She’s naked, rain is pouring down, and she’s holding a flamethrower! ActionGirls has done it again! The HD porn speaks for itself though! I literally had to downsize the second picture because it was too big to upload through WordPress and I’m too lazy to go through the FTP. If you guys want more girls with machine guns, flamethrowers, swords, motorcycles, pistols, and turrets, then you better give me some love in the comments. Oh, and press Ctrl + D to bookmark Girls with Guns so you never lose track of your priorities.

girl with huge gun

lee flamethrower actiongirls gun

lee actiongirls flamethrower

lee with her flamethrower gun

Climactic eruption?! Feel me dog?! Girls don’t get hotter than this. If you want to be able to keep seeing awesome shit like this we need to help Scotty J get the word out about ActionGirls! He works hard on his site and needs traffic to keep funding going for great high definition porn pictures of girls with guns, so go visit his site by clicking one of the images above!

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Blonde with a Bang

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Thursday Sep 23, 2010

Do you know the shotgun girl?! That’s right, the girl with the guns in this picture! Her name’s Megan. She’s a crazy hot blonde super babe over at ActionGirls! Today we’re going to watch her flaunt some massive firepower in the garage! And by garage, I mean warehouse filled with awesome shit! From military jeeps to classic Buicks, the guys over at ActionGirls are building up quite the sick collection in their spare time! Today it’s Megan’s job to guard the warehouse against intruders, so she’s got her two pistols, her shotgun, and maybe even another surprise or two ready for us!

sexy girl with guns

sexy girl with shotgun

sexy girl with machine gun

I told you this beautiful girl with guns might have a surprise or two up her sleeve! Just picture the bad guys’ faces when they find Megan waiting on this turret! Good things do come in small packages, but in this case, size matters! Bring the rain!

If you liked this free high definition porn gallery from ActionGirls, consider checking out the rest of what they have to offer. Without sponsors like them, awesome sites like ours couldn’t exist, so give them some support!

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