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2010 October | Girls with Guns

Taste the Rainbow

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Sunday Oct 31, 2010

Skittles. Taste the rainbow! That’s my first thought upon watching Dihann play with her huge machine gun! Looks like she’s actually about to get off to it! And her awesome back tattoos should set and example for girls’ back tattoos everywhere! Dihann is one of the hottest girls we have playing with guns! I like to consider her my little Skittles girl! Pablo from ActionGirls has really done a great job with the photo editing here! Photoshop skills don’t grow on trees you know! You have to work for them! Pablo has some amazing image editing skills for sure! You should click on one of the images below and check out all of his work in this sexy hd porn gallery featuring sexy girls and guns!

hottest girl with a machine gun

hot girl with handgun

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Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Saturday Oct 30, 2010

Occasionally, I come across some extremely well-done pictures of girls with guns posing in absolutely awesome settings! This is one such occasion! In the pictures below you’ll see a girl hanging from a skyscraper with her handgun, another girl shooting a rocket launcher, and a sexy girl with a face tattoo that’s insanely sexy! How often do you see girls wearing dog tags and shooting sickly powerful guns at the enemy! These girls don’t take kindly to anyone that’s not incredibly submissive. Domination is their game. Bow down to these women and their guns! Or they will make you! Girls like this can only be found on one amazing site! The site is Actiongirls, and after I took the $5 trial I became a member about 2 days later after I saw all of the content they had and I saw that they were updating just about every week with tons of new hot girls with guns hd porn!

skyscraper babe with gun

babe with rocket launcher

girl with tattoo and handgun

hot girl with lightsaber

I bet you like the last image of the hot girl with her dual lightsaber! This weapon definitely resembles the one Darth Maul carries in the Phantom Menace! Maybe George Lucas needs to reconsider his Sith lords! Seems like this girl would make a great replacement for the ugly Emperor Palpatine!

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Posted by Rambo under Girls with Knives on Thursday Oct 28, 2010

Kobe Kaige is stalking around the basement with her machete! This is one big knife people! I told you we’d be posting some Horrorbabe galleries for Halloween week! These are the craziest girls in Scotty J’s collection! The Horrorbabe you’re seeing here is keeping it pretty clean with her mask, but most of the domination fetish girls over there can usually be found slaying zombies in gruesome horror scenes!

Kobe Kaige Horrorbabe girl with knife

Don’t get in this girl’s way when she’s whacking her way through the bush! She only gets encouraged the more limbs you let her hack!

Kobe Kaige with a knife

Here’s an up close and personal picture of this girl with her sharp knife! Super sexy right?!

Kobe Kaige horror babe

As if the Halloween mask wasn’t already making this one of the best Halloween costumes for girls, the nipple tassels finish it off! If you like hot girls scaring the crap out of you, or you’re into female domination, you’d definitely want to check out Horrorbabe! These girls are hot, kinky, and they’ll make you do things! Lots of things!

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Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Thursday Oct 28, 2010

I’ve got a sexy redhead for your today! Women and guns just go well together don’t they!? The machine gun this babe is holding will really shred some enemies! If any of you can name the car in this picture I’ll be pretty impressed! The next time you see a woman in pink stockings holding a gun like this, you take a picture for me ok?!

women with guns

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Chainsaw Massacre

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Tools on Wednesday Oct 27, 2010

Dihann is packing a chainsaw and getting ready for Halloween at the Actiongirls mansion! We thought we’d show you her costume a little early! If you’re wondering if the tool this girl is holding is real, it definitely is, and it’s definitely dangerous in this babe’s hands! This girl has some of the hottest back tattoos I’ve seen! Hot girls with tattoos holding dangerous tools, you heard right! Enjoy!

Dihann Actiongirls Chainsaw Girl

hot girl holding a chainsaw

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