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Black & White | Girls with Guns

Black & White

Posted by Rambo on Tuesday Oct 12, 2010 Under Girls with Guns

You’re probably thinking something along the lines of, “What’s a girl like her doing in a place like this?” But focus people. Do we care? She’s hot, she has a gun, don’t ask questions! Jenny is one of the Superbabes at ActionGirls! I haven’t had the pleasure of showing this girl to you yet! I think you’ll be quite impressed. Just look at the legs on this girl!

jenny actiongirls black and white dress

Close-ups of this girl’s sexy long legs! I can take a few guesses as to where she’s keepingĀ  that concealed weapon! Nothing like a black and white checkered dress to accentuate those curves!

jenny sexy actiongirls girl with guns

We figure if you like babes with shiny metal, you probably like big trucks too. Why not pair the three? Shiny weapons, hot girls wearing high heels in sand, massive trucks. Yea…dedication is the word you’re looking for here…

cute girl with a gun

Brushing her hair back with one hand while shooting some lead into your brain with the other. If this was the last thing I saw before going out, it might not be so bad!

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3 Responses to “Black & White”

  1. Junkyard Jenny | Girls with Guns Says:

    [...] clad, half-naked babe is standing by a pretty rugged Allis Chalmers lifter. Those of you with ActionGirls memberships are going to want to check out the full member gallery because things in this one get [...]

  2. Under Arrest | Girls with Guns Says:

    [...] back tattoo! The Actiongirls sport some of the hottest ink you’ll find on women with guns! Jenny P may look sweet with her little flower tattoo on her left butt-cheek, but don’t be taken in by [...]

  3. Jenny P | Girls with Guns Says:

    [...] Jenny P is back but without her guns in this recent update from Actiongirls. She’s wearing barely anything, in fact, she’s bordering on naked. Check out the black lingerie on this blonde! She’s definitely one of Actiongirls top models. Even those this girl isn’t sporting a rifle in this girls with guns post, she’s super hot so we’re putting her under the More Hot Girls section. If you want to see more of Jenny P, you should try out the Actiongirls $5 3-Day trial. If you aren’t a member of this site, I feel bad for you. Check out the Actiongirls page for Jenny P. [...]

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