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Sunnyside Up | Girls with Guns

Sunnyside Up

Posted by Rambo on Tuesday Oct 26, 2010 Under Girls with Guns, Girls with Swords

This is officially the 51st girls with guns post we’ve had since we started the site a little over a month ago! That’s right, we’ve already showed you around 50 different badass scenes with insanely hot girls doing crazy awesome stuff! Just to help celebrate our first post over 50, I’ve got a double-decker post for you today! This one counts as a girls with guns and a girls with swords gallery! Sunny was out chillin’ by the pool with her katana and her revolver! Not to miss an opportunity to take photographs of sexy babes by the pool taking off their clothes and posing with a cobra sword, the boys over at ActionGirls have created the resulting free hd porn gallery sample for your viewing pleasure!

girl with katana

What do you want to kiss in this picture? I’d ask nicely if you want this chick to leave you standing!

Sunny with her revolver

Don’t worry, the safety is on in this picture. We have to be careful with Sunny because she is a bit trigger happy with her guns.

sunny with her shotgun

Close-quarters calls for some big guns where you don’t even have a chance to miss! Sunny busts out her shotgun to show you what I mean!

Sunny swords and guns

Ahh… This is one of my favorite photos! The sun is setting and this beautiful girl is standing with a sword in one hand and a gun in the other! The backdrop is a beautiful pool and a treeline! Thank you ActionGirls!

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