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Taste the Rainbow | Girls with Guns

Taste the Rainbow

Posted by Rambo on Sunday Oct 31, 2010 Under Girls with Guns

Skittles. Taste the rainbow! That’s my first thought upon watching Dihann play with her huge machine gun! Looks like she’s actually about to get off to it! And her awesome back tattoos should set and example for girls’ back tattoos everywhere! Dihann is one of the hottest girls we have playing with guns! I like to consider her my little Skittles girl! Pablo from ActionGirls has really done a great job with the photo editing here! Photoshop skills don’t grow on trees you know! You have to work for them! Pablo has some amazing image editing skills for sure! You should click on one of the images below and check out all of his work in this sexy hd porn gallery featuring sexy girls and guns!

hottest girl with a machine gun

hot girl with handgun

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  1. Dihann | Girls with Guns Says:

    [...] probably remember Dihann from our Taste the Rainbow post a while back. She’s a supermodel from Actiongirls. One of [...]

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