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Rosie Revolver | Girls with Guns

Rosie Revolver

Posted by Rambo on Saturday Dec 4, 2010 Under Girls with Guns

I’m sure you remember this girl getting wet in our Safety First post! That’s right Rosie Revolver from Actiongirls is back, but this time she’s not sporting her jet pack! This time she’s climbing a high-ass silo. That’s right, just a random silo like the ones in your favorite James Bond FPS. She’s got her guns, her boots, she’s hot, we like it. Here you go. Enjoy our girls with guns!

Actiongirls Rosie Revolver

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3 Responses to “Rosie Revolver”

  1. Challis | Girls with Guns Says:

    [...] town packin pink bullets! Her name is Challis and she’s going to be one of your new favorite Actiongirls! This babe can’t put down her two handguns. Seriously, she eats with them, sleeps with them, [...]

  2. Rosie Posy | Girls with Guns Says:

    [...] will never forget how you guys reacted to the first Rosie Revolver gallery from our archive full of action girls. Rosie is a classic example of the hero in every [...]

  3. Rosie Revolver | Girls with Guns Says:

    [...] Rosie Revolver? She was the babe climbing the silo in high-heels not too long ago. Today, Actiongirls released a [...]

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