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Girls With Tools | Girls with Guns


Posted by Rambo under Girls with Tools on Friday Dec 30, 2011

She’s got the looks, she’s got the touch I love her I love her I lover her so much! Jill is one fine creature sent to this earth blessed by the heavens as a holy gift to all creatures that enjoy big ole’ boobies and fine sweet asses, boy oh boy what a treat!

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Posted by Rambo under Girls with Cars, Girls with Tools on Saturday Dec 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from Girls with Guns! To celebrate we’ve got Donna from Actiongirls working on our hot ride with her trusty crescent wrench! Whoever said you couldn’t have girls like this running your shop!? This is another one you can add to your girls with tools collection! Enjoy the holiday, enjoy family, and enjoy a fresh and hot gallery from Actiongirls! Here’s to another year of great content and more HD babes than you’ll ever need! Be sure to check out Donna’s Actiongirls page!

Donna Actiongirls

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Chainsaw Massacre

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Tools on Wednesday Oct 27, 2010

Dihann is packing a chainsaw and getting ready for Halloween at the Actiongirls mansion! We thought we’d show you her costume a little early! If you’re wondering if the tool this girl is holding is real, it definitely is, and it’s definitely dangerous in this babe’s hands! This girl has some of the hottest back tattoos I’ve seen! Hot girls with tattoos holding dangerous tools, you heard right! Enjoy!

Dihann Actiongirls Chainsaw Girl

hot girl holding a chainsaw

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Hammer Time

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Tools on Wednesday Oct 6, 2010

I thought you guys might be up for something slightly out of the ordinary today. Lana’s got her hammer and her chainsaw out and she’s ready for some handiwork around the warehouse. This bitch literally is holding a chainsaw like she’s about to go ape shit crazy on the cameraman! Oh, and did I mention she’s in a swimsuit? Yea…prolly should have started with that piece of information! This will be the first of our girls with tools posts. Depending on your response, there may be more to come!

hammer time hot girl with hammer

babe with chainsaw

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