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More Hot Girls | Girls with Guns - Part 2

Whitney is Sexy Shit

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns, More Hot Girls on Sunday Oct 9, 2011

Girls with Guns is proud to bring you Whitney! This Actiongirls special will have you on the edge of your seat if you get to see the real video with the Actiongirls $5 3-day trial. Do yourself a favor and be ready to download as many girls with guns pictures as you can within 3 days if you take advantage of the 3-day offer. We’ve provided you with over 145 Actiongirls content galleries so far! That’s over a year of rifle and machine gun packed girl action bitches! These sexy girls and guns are just a taste of what my favorite site has on the back-end.  Time for me to go check out the newest content in the Actiongirls members section. Peace!

Girls With Guns Grindhouse Part 12

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Lela Returns

Posted by Rambo under More Hot Girls on Tuesday Aug 23, 2011

When I decided to jump on the $5 deal for a 3-Day-Pass to Actiongirls, I made a list of all the top priority busty babes whose content I wanted to grab as soon as my time started ticking! Lela was one of the top 5 girls on my list! While you won’t see girls with knives or girls with cars in this gallery, it does help you appreciate just how unimportant those other things are as long as we have huge tits!

Lela Girls With Guns

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Jenny P

Posted by Rambo under More Hot Girls on Sunday Aug 21, 2011

Jenny P is back! This action girl is a regular busty babe on Girls with Guns! You probably remember her sexy red lingerie in our Red Delicious post! We also featured her in a non-nude gallery in January. But my favorite gallery with Jenny P thus far has to be our Junkyard Jenny post. Her leopard print bathing suit will blow your mind! Want more? I was able to download almost all of Jenny’s content with the $5 3-day Actiongirls trial.

Jenny P Actiongirls

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Posted by Rambo under More Hot Girls on Sunday May 29, 2011

While she isn’t holding a gun, Lela is still an Actiongirls babe and deserves to be treated as such. Besides, you don’t see a hot brunette with an ass like hers every day. Very much worthy of the more hot girls section. Enjoy another high definition girls with guns gallery!

Lela Actiongirls

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Nude Girls Diving

Posted by Rambo under More Hot Girls on Monday Apr 4, 2011

You need to click here to check out the Actiongirls shooting their nude girls diving videos. Only Actiongirls would film a bunch of naked girls swimming around in a pool and then diving off a diving board. Check it out.


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