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Cowgirl | Girls with Guns

Grindhouse Part 10

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Weapons on Friday Aug 26, 2011

Grindhouse is an Actiongirls phenomenon! It’s basically a collection of the hottest girls on Earth doing the craziest shit you’ve ever seen. Remember how I said action girl Lela was one of my first downloads with my $5 3-Day Pass? Grindhouse parts 1-10 were #3 on my download list. I don’t even know how they can give away this much content for $5. Absolutely insane. Hot naked cowgirls, yes please.

Grindhouse Actiongirls

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Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Thursday Dec 23, 2010

I’m sure you remember Megan! She’s a seriously hot Actiongirls cutie we featured in our Blonde with a Bang post a while back! We’re glad she decided to do another hot girls with guns gallery! This time our cowgirl is taking it out west for some revolver action! Check out her guns! And check out her page!

Megan Cowgirl Actiongirls

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Whips & Hips

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Sunday Oct 17, 2010

You guys loved our very first post with our cowgirl Monika showing you her revolver in her sexy underwear! Then we showed you our gunslinger Lee in her cowgirl gallery! We’ve got another sexy cowgirl for you today! This is her debut on Girls with Guns, so let’s give her a warm welcome! Her name is Leanne. She’s a hot brunette with a denim thong, knee-high boots, and an ammo belt! As far as cowgirl costumes go, this is pretty hot!

leanne actiongirls naked cowgirl

Side boob never disappoints. We have officially turned jeans into underwear. Girls no longer need both. Help spread the word.

Leanne ActionGirls cowgirl with revolver

Ahh, yes one from the back is necessary to complete my mental picture. This girl is good with a lasso and won’t hesitate to tie up any submissives with a domination fetish! Leanne is also pretty good with a whip, but we’ll save that for a subsequent girls with weapons post.

ActionGirls Leanne girls with guns

No, actually we couldn’t find her a shirt smaller than this sorry. If you have a smaller one though or would like to recommend a smaller t-shirt source for any of our girls with guns I’ll be glad to to take your suggestion!

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Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Sunday Oct 3, 2010

Meet Suzy. She’s a cute Asian cowgirl with a fast draw and a dead eye shot! This little Japanese beauty made her way west and now she’s showing us her guns! While I prefer the magazine clip style handguns, there’s still something sexy about a vintage revolver. Mix sexy girls with guns and sexy revolvers, you have ActionGirls. Check them out!

suzy cowgirl with guns actiongirls

suzy sexy girls with guns actiongirls

actiongirls suzy with her pistol

suzy asian girl with guns

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Girls with Guns

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Tuesday Sep 14, 2010

Girls with Guns is up and we’re glad to bring you some badass action! We’re going to be showing you some content from ActionGirls.com because they’re the best site we’ve seen for girls doing awesome shit, period. Today’s high definition porn stars Monika, a cute cowgirl with a pistol in both hands. She’s got an older revolver (sue me I can’t name it) and a newer magazine style handgun. If you can name either in a comment we’ll send you a prize. I’m not sure how good the prize will be, but a prize is a prize. Anyway, enough about the sick guns in this series, let’s check out the hot babe holding these sexy firearms!

cowgirl with guns

STICK EM’ UP! Or was yours already up? Where do girls dress like this? Can we start a new town? The babe with the gun in this picture is insanely hot! I mean, they didn’t have color tattoos like the one on her shoulder back in the day…but let’s pretend…

cowgirl pointing a revolver

Monika’s revolver is out of ammo. She busts out a clip style pistol. Not very cowgirlish, but still hot enough I don’t care. BANG! I think I’m done here. The rest of the gallery is available on the ActionGirls site, you can click on one of the images to get there.

hot girl with two guns

Check back soon because we’ll be posting some pretty sick content regularly. From girls with swords, to girls with guns, to girls on motorcycles, we’ve got hot girls doing all that crazy shit you love.

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