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Pistol | Girls with Guns

Katanas and Crossbows

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Swords, Girls with Weapons on Sunday Oct 16, 2011

Sexy girls with swords on a Sunday morning… it’s just how we do here at Girls with Guns! Let me introduce you to Dolly, our Actiongirls mercenary on this fine day. I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen a babe with tattoos this hot, swinging katanas, rocking a crossbow, and pleasuring herself with a revolver! Basically, we see how many weapons and tattoos we can put on hot girls. This gallery takes our standard to a new level! If you’re interested in the rest of the high definition girls with guns pictures, consider getting access to all of the Actiongirls content for only $5 for a 3-day pass. Give yourself a treat, Halloween is almost here anyway!

Girls With Swords Dolly

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Chelsea Returns

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Sunday May 29, 2011

Are you ready for more high definition pictures of girls with guns? Chelsea from Actiongirls is back and this hot babe with tattoos is ready to blow your mind! If you’re into nude girls with tattoos, this one’s for you! And be sure to click on the big image below to see the rest of Chelsea’s pictures on Girls with Guns.

Chelsea Girls With Guns

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Charley and Brooke II

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Thursday Apr 28, 2011

Charley and Brooke are back in another great Actiongirls gallery! Girls with guns is proud to bring you women with shotguns and revolvers in this sick girl on girl submissive lesbian action! Check it out!

Charley Brooke C Girls With Guns

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Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Saturday Apr 16, 2011

Carmen is one of those Actiongirls you’re always happy to see! Knee-high boots and a 9 mm pistol are a perfect match! Today, Girls with Guns reached it’s 124th post! That means we’ve been loyally bringing you naked women with guns for over 8 months! Actiongirls has been backing us up with some of the sexiest HD babe content around! We love showing you crazy hot nude babes with rifles! For a change of pace, naked girls diving was an awesome recent update you might also enjoy! Remember it’s not free to host a website! We’d greatly appreciate you checking out her Actiongirls page here! If you really love us, you might consider a 3-Day trial from Actiongirls. They’re only $5, you get to see a ton of girls and guns, and they keep our free HD babes coming, no pun intended.

Carmen Girls And Guns

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Rosie Revolver Extreme

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Saturday Mar 19, 2011

Our last post with Rosie Revolver from Actiongirls wasn’t enough. We’re taking this brunette babe and her guns to a new level. Girls with Guns is proud to bring you the best girls and guns pictures available! If you like this sort of submissive action be sure to check out Rosie Revolver on her Actiongirls page!

Rosie Revolver Actiongirls

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