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Rifle | Girls with Guns

Rosie Revolver

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Sunday Jul 3, 2011

Remember Rosie Revolver? She was the babe climbing the silo in high-heels not too long ago. Today, Actiongirls released a few more lost pictures from this amazing girls with guns gallery. They’ve also added a video which we grabbed for you to sample below. If you like what you see (and who wouldn’t?) you might want to grab the rest of her content. The secret is the $5.00 3-day trial Actiongirls offers. In 3 days you can download every bit of girls with guns craziness you could possibly want. Enjoy!

Rosie Revolver Girls With Guns

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Rosie Returns

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Saturday Mar 12, 2011

Rosie Revolver is back in action! Handcuffs, handguns, and rifles, and some hot ass! Not a bad way to start off a Saturday morning! Be sure and check out Rosie’s Actiongirls page and support our sponsor if you ever want to see more hot pics like this for free!

Rosie Revolver Actiongirls

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Asia Mckenzie

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Wednesday Dec 29, 2010

Asia Mckenzie in a see-through shirt, fresh from the Actiongirls archives! Yes, I think this will do just fine for an update! If HD Asian is your thing, you might check out some of the other babes we have around the site! If you’re still hanging around here instead of getting three full gallery updates a week on the main Actiongirls site then you really need to head over and do their $5 trial so you can log in and experience how much content these guys have! Just tons of really hot girls with guns!

Asia McKenzie Actiongirls

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Tyra Lex

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Wednesday Dec 29, 2010

One of our Actiongirls I haven’t shown you yet, this is Tyra Lex. If you like our girls with guns, consider a $5 trial from Actiongirls. They sponsor all the cool images we get to post so support them and bow down to their high definition babes with guns!

Tyra Lex Actiongirls

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Actiongirls Volume 7

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Thursday Nov 4, 2010

I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen a video of a naked girl shooting a rocket launcher! At least not until you found this site! Scotty J just released the Actiongirls Volume 7 Trailer featuring all the insanely hot Actiongirls models shooting more machine guns than I’ve ever seen in one high definition video! This isn’t porn! This is an entirely new breed of adult entertainment! This footage is so action-packed you’ll be trying not to blink! We’re the girls with guns experts, now watch and see why!

For November Scotty is offering Actiongirls memberships for only $19.95 a month! On top of that, you get View Porn Stars (another great site of Scotty’s) for FREE! Granted, this is when you pay for 3 months at a time and the price is actually a one time $59.95, but this deal totals 65 updates per month! So you’re getting to see the craziest, sexiest girls Scotty can find for less than $20 a month, and you’re getting at least 2 updates per day! This November deal is sick!

I thought you guys might also like to see some high definition pictures of Nomi Fernandez rolling a bullet between her lips! If women and guns doesn’t turn you on, I can’t help you!

NOMI FERNANDEZ with her guns

NOMI FERNANDEZ actiongirls

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