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Sniper Rifle | Girls with Guns

Asia Mckenzie

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Wednesday Dec 29, 2010

Asia Mckenzie in a see-through shirt, fresh from the Actiongirls archives! Yes, I think this will do just fine for an update! If HD Asian is your thing, you might check out some of the other babes we have around the site! If you’re still hanging around here instead of getting three full gallery updates a week on the main Actiongirls site then you really need to head over and do their $5 trial so you can log in and experience how much content these guys have! Just tons of really hot girls with guns!

Asia McKenzie Actiongirls

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Yin Yang

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Tuesday Oct 5, 2010

Something tells me it’s hard to aim backwards in high heels, but I never intend on trying it. I’d ask for comments but just keep them to yourself on this one! Chloe is a blonde cutie from ActionGirls that does a lot more than hold that gun. She’s the Yang in this duo! That’s a nice looking blue Camaro SS 350 in this hot girl’s garage!

Chloe Actiongirls with her Sniper in Heels by the 350 SS Camaro

I’m doing a double post for you today. Something out of the ordinary. You get two girls with guns galleries in one post! What a deal right? This is Mirella. She’s the Yin to Chloe’s Yang. She’s the dark girl with the gun in the red bra and knee high black boots! Check her out!

hot girl with gun in red

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New Weaponry

Posted by Rambo under Girls with Guns on Monday Sep 27, 2010

Feast your eyes on America’s new weapon! Ready for a little desert warfare?! Sarah is all set up with her guns, in this case it looks like maybe a Savage rifle and a Glock handgun! I guess it go too hot for all her cammo! She’ll get a good tan standing naked in the sun like that. Check back later for an update on that situation!

naked sniper girls with guns actiongirls

sarah with her guns

You don’t get all these awesome girls with guns without a price! We have to pay our respects to Scotty J, the ActionGirls creator. Visit his website if you’re into this kind of stuff already! And press Ctrl + D to bookmark this site so you can find more girls and guns in the future!

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